Angry Barbeque

Weekend Special!

Family Feast

1 Full Rack of Ribs, 1 Whole Smoked Chicken, 3 Large Sides (baked beans, fries, slaw, potato salad), 4 Dinner Rolls, 4 Cornbread Muffins with Honey Butter, Choice of 2 Sauces.
All Day! (No Substitutions)


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Our meats are marinated in their own secret ingredients. Our rib ingredients and rub is totally different from that of our Original Barbeque Chicken: and our Original Barbeque Chicken marinade is totally different from that of our signature Barbeque Fried Baked Chicken so you, the guest of honor can explore the different tastes that only Angry Barbeque can deliver. 

There are things that remain the same with our meats. Those things are quality and freshness. We also marinate all of our meats in their own marinade for 72 hours, then smoke it for several hours before the taste is sealed in with the grill. 

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Ways to Enjoy Angry Barbeque

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